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jan 06, 2021

The life of each of us is a precious gift from the Creator. It is our freedom, the freedom to control our lives to do what we choose. But for most people, the freedom to master in their lives does not end with a certain age. When we reach that age, we will be influenced by many other factors like money, family, love. There will be many things we will regret because it is too late. Someone once said that life is just a bunch of different choices, which I know so far, is a true thing.

Today we make a lot of decisions like what to eat today, where to go ... each choice gives us different results. If you make the wrong choice, life will not let you choose again. However, when you go into the AltLife & Life Simulator game, you can often choose whether or not you are sorry for your decision. The vendor created by QmzApps is likely to be quite fantastic for most gamers. The game mimics a person's life, he makes decisions during the game. Download AltLife & Life Simulator game now - AltLife to experience the real experience of the game.

Nice story

The plot of the game is very simple, but difficult to predict. This is simply because it is inspired by what we know and what we experience every day in the life. It’s complicated because no one can predict what your future will be, no one knows what will happen tomorrow. In particular, many events occur during life, which makes the plot of the game difficult to predict. Each choice leads to a different story to bring the figure for yourself.

The game

You are given a random life for the role of the creative team of the game. Most games between the ages of 1 and 3 can be unconscious so you can't make a choice. If there were no events before the age of 3, you enter kindergarten and make friends. If you have an event that prevents you from going to school, there is another option. Each character has 6 initial indicators that represent the character's status. These metrics include health, happiness, appearance, intelligence, fitness, and ultimately social. Each indicator has a status message that shows the character's index in percent. You have to spend money on things like tuition, buying a car ... so find a job.


The game has a lot of impressive features that greatly increase the integrity of the game.


When you graduate from college, the first thing you should do is get a stable job so you can start earning money. The game will have a lot of tasks with different needs and getting a job is not easy. You have to learn a lot before you get a job. You will have many different jobs, such as dentist, doctor, film director ... but they need different qualifications to apply for the job.


The game will have two main relationships: love relationships and social communication. You will meet new girls and try to determine who they are. As you expand through your social networks in school, you will find the love of everyone. This will help you a lot after you graduate and apply. The more people you get, the easier it will be for you.

Activities: The game is inspired by Real, so people do many practical activities to serve each other. Usually shopping, driving licenses ... whatever money you use you can do to help you.


Players are designed to be extremely easy and have to be very careful to play the game. The UI of the game was created by a creative team in black themes with yellow themes. The interface of the game will be like a diary that will appear throughout your life. They will read the words of the game to find out what happens to them.

It's a very good game and it's worth the experience. When you enter the game you will have an interesting experience about life. Download AltLife & Life Simulator now.

  • All paid content purchased;
  • Money increases with spending.

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Als je op zoek bent naar een zeer goede en interessante app / game en je speelt niet goed, dan zul je het geweldig vinden waar je het over hebt. AltLife & Life Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money/Unlocked) Apk is zeker een geweldige Simulation-app voor Android.

De ontwikkelaar van deze applicatie is QmzApps. De gemiddelde beoordeling op onze website is 4,0 van de 5 sterren.

Als u een afzonderlijke app Simulation nodig hebt voor uw apparaat, download dan AltLife & Life Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money/Unlocked) Apk APK voor een geweldige ervaring. U heeft echter Android 4.1 of hoger nodig om deze app te installeren.

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