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Kairosoft Co.
1.1.8 voor Android
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mei 11, 2021

Kairosoft Co., Ltd. It is a popular name that always brings exciting tycoon simulation games that attract people. Each of their games revolves around new areas that other games have never touched and that also provides a vivid and authentic experience for everyone. This article covers boxing gym story, a typical Kerosoft co. Ltd., presents about boxing and how it works. In other words, the player becomes the master and manager of the boxing club, thus training the strong boxers. In addition, players must fight and beat other clubs to become one of the best clubs in the world in boxing training and management.

Inside the game and the number of exciting content

Bingxing Jim Story offers much exciting content for players to enjoy and explore with a deep and rich gameplay. In addition, the content of the game is constantly changing, making the player's gaming experience richer and more vibrant. When players come to this game they start building and running a boxing xing club, starting with poor quality and shabby equipment. Over time, players will receive a ton of revenue from a variety of sources that can be used to effectively improve the quality of the club and also to attract talented boxers. In addition to training and gaming experience, players must nominate the best puncher, participate in sports and enhance the club's reputation.

Initial interface and functions

Boxing takes time and knowledge to run a boxing club, and players can gradually build things to make the most powerful club. The game has user-friendly graphics and a user-friendly interface, combined with vibrant colors and multilingual support, to give players the best gaming experience. Special functions give the player easy give access to all the mechanics of the club, making everything easier to manage. Players have access to multiple units within the club, e.g. B. Equipment and maintenance units and players can access boxers to boost or improve their morale.

Enter the game with immediate adventure

Bingxing Jim Story will use a passive method to free up players and help them enjoy the game for longer. The gameplay content of the game is fundamentally different from the continuous action genre. Instead, all players have to sit and relax while the club works and generates revenue. The player's job is to promote, improve and collect more bursaries so that the club can grow better. Therefore, players need to have the quality of service and meet the requirements of all members, constantly improving the training environment and having more professional guides to train more effectively.

Upgrade and upgrade the club environment

The player's club needs to be constantly improved and refined, and the player also needs to be on the stand to run the entire club and improve everyone's training efficiency. Players are presented with an impressive upgrade system, with loads of devices and special upgrades that players can apply or create. Also, with each upgrade, a player's club can be created and expanded, and the game also has specific criteria by which players can upgrade the club and attract more students. The game will use vivid and friendly 3D graphics to create a complete picture and give players plenty of experience to create clubs and enjoy the game.

Train and maintain your favorite books

Each club must have representative boxers to participate in international tournaments, and players must encourage and train mainstream boxers to compete with other clubs. The game will have an impressive and novel upgrade training system that will use a completely different design and initial introduction than the full genre. The player's job is to manage the club. There is a plan to effectively plan the training time for their berserks and use different exercises according to the equipment of the facility. However, the player needs to distribute the proper rest time as there is a real mechanism at work in the game that makes the management of the club more enjoyable.

Player's boxing can bring honest experience and useful knowledge of boxing club operation and experience the practice of legendary boxers and make the club successful. Kairosoft Co., Ltd. Has successfully provided players with a complete simulation game where players can relax and learn boxing in a new environment

  • Modify the game save one with a lot of currency

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