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Pretty Simple
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nov 19, 2020
Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes or Detective Conan? Do you ever want to be a great detective and get involved in a complicated case, avoid signs that could be important evidence on the ground, and remove the killer out of sight? The answer is definitely no because everyone likes the feeling of finding solutions to serious problems or hidden truths behind the scenes, so the main feeling, if you can change the killer, is to blame the killer. But not everyone can be a good detective, and there is no career precursor who needs a lot of walking, size, torture, and so on. For this reason, the criminal case includes secrets of the past - a very cool detective for game genres - advertising.

This is not a new game unless many are familiar. But from its birth to the present day, it is still a unique and novel game genre that follows the pattern compared to other types of games. Even if the game is not fully familiar, it will not lose its appeal to players with mysterious objects that always stimulate their curiosity and desire to find the truth.

Become a spy

Come to the criminal case: the secrets of the past, you will play high detective in Europe in the late nineteenth century. And then you and your spouse will be involved in extremely difficult murder cases. You have to go to the scene and find suspicious for objects in a number of objects (and of course there are instructions in the system). Then rely on the evidence found on the site to keep an eye on the suspects and slowly search for the truth with the ruthless killers. The less time you have to recover suspicious items, the lower your score. And after completing the mission chapter of the case, you will receive a star with your bonus. Complete the position and get enough stars, you can open a new position. Many mysterious and fascinating cases await you. So make sure you are a smart detective and extremely quick to understand them!

Smart like Sherlock Holmes

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past APK give you a world full of spies and influential cases. Each case is a story with tasks such as evidence-based discovery or analysis. The game offers you a challenging novelty that you can guess who is in doubt. Or you won’t find evidence from the point of view where you can find a witness or suspect, see obstacles or suggestions to talk, where evidence should be seen. And once you have gathered enough evidence, you can bring the killer out of the light and bring the victim to justice. It's a great experience, how did you feel?

Graphics and sound

19th-century European social simulation game with realistic graphics and live-action. The combination of pictures and dialogues makes it easier for players to manage the case better. Some characters with different shapes and dark gray are very good for the mainframe to play playing to bring the classic direction. When you find new evidence or a witness or a suspect, the emphasis is not more on the sound than the "ting" sound ... but overall the graphics and sound of the game are reasonable. To give you an exciting and enjoyable experience.


Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past APK is a unique and interesting game for those who love the history of espionage. And if anyone is looking to challenge themselves with a terrible case to measure their intelligence, ability to analyze the situation and ability to be a great detective, this is the best option for you. After playing this game, you can gain excellent detective skills and easily use them in real life to make your life monotonous. So it is not known to be more interesting.

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