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Rovio Entertainment Corporation
1.19.2 voor Android
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apr 14, 2021

Strategy games have always been an incentive for players. Many games have been released and many games have been as successful as it brings. But, as the needs of the players change, they want to try something out of the ordinary, something new unique, and something interesting to enjoy. If you want to experience a new range of strategy games, you should try Darkfire Heroes. The game is built in a strategic style that combines map elements to give players new experiences. This game is the ideal choice for adventure and entertainment.

In a distant country with a powerful and prosperous state, many people want to live. But everything is in the past; Everything has changed since that day and everyone has disappeared. The kingdom was very prosperous, so it attracted the attention of the demons and they started attacking the palace to take the kingdom. The warriors fought back, but by the power of the common man, they could not stop the army of demons and were defeated. After this fight, the king felt that the threat was too narrow and open to attack at any time. He needed a hero to defend himself. When the player appears with heroes to save this kingdom. Players become the leader of this battle and are ready to attack the monsters. The player is a hero who will bring peace to this state, and people can live together here.

Simple but strategic fights

In other games, the player has to do many things to fight and become a hero. For example, you have to control the character by fighting, using skills, quests, and many other things. In this game, things are much easier when the player has to choose a card to start the fight. The warriors in the game apply to the map, and players only need to select five warriors to fight. While this is the easiest and simplest step, it is also the most difficult task.

The problem that makes this stage so difficult is that the player has to decide what to play to get the most out of it. When selecting a game, the game will display the overall performance of the team to refer to the players. But that doesn’t say everything; This strength is expressed from one person to another and does not show practical skills in fighting with fellow players. Because fighting harms HP, it is necessary to heal in order for the fight to continue. But this Dana, though not very strong in battle, is very good at supporting her fellow players to win. Therefore, before choosing a warrior to go into battle, it is necessary to think carefully to get the best effect, not to pay attention to the power that the game provides

Look for powerful maps

There are many cards in the game, which will be used in different situations in different situations. Types of warriors in which the game features knights, sorcerers, archers, priests, magicians, assassins, and many other players. Every warrior has special abilities and has different advantages in battle. Each character has a different ability; B. Clerics will heal low-running warriors on archers who can attack HP or short distances. In addition, the cards are classified according to their strength and used for classification by color. Green, blue, and violet are again the three original colors; The higher the rating, the harder it is to find. There are not only warrior cards for combat but also magic cards. Examples include mantras about plants, fire, water, and more and they also use color to evaluate their rarity.

Use skills

Every skill requires a special MP to activate. The MP increases the player’s fight over time. Therefore, players need to use the skills properly, such that the overall outcome of the game can be changed if used properly.

1. Unlim Mana for Spells
2. Hero Spells are always useable

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