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Smart Fun Casual Games
1.0.15 voor Android
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aug 20, 2020
While design games require the creativity of players, dexterity and quick problem solving are needed to cut games. So what happens when we combine these two game genres? Will they cause an explosion? You can easily find the answers while playing Home Dream: Word Puzzles and Dream Home Design. The game is a perfect addition when it combines the advantages of two identical opposing game genres. Take part in the game; If you build a fabulous home for everyone you will become a famous designer. Solve word puzzles quickly and create a great space for yourself and everyone.

This dream home comes true in the world of home dreams.

What do you do when you become a famous interior designer that everyone likes and appreciates? What needs to be done to reveal your talents for home design? Take part in the game; You have to use your creativity to choose household items and arrange them in a very appropriate and beautiful way. Players should also participate in word games, e.g. B. Find current words, add words, and combine whole sentences. After passing the level, you can help others design a room, building, garden, pool, library ... and a dream home for them.

Players will gradually discover their real home using and arranging furniture. Obviously, this is your home from your craving. Word matching puzzles force the player to lower, speeding up the brain. The game trains the ability to think and judge with words. In addition, the layout and design of the home will help you improve your aesthetics when you want to create the most beautiful home. At the same time help people to build and build their dream home.

Home Dream offers an amazing way to play

To participate in the game and learn the direction for the creation of an efficient home you need to listen to their stories and interests. After that, the players receive prizes for the renovation that they like the house the most. So how to do it. All you have to do is win the game. You need to add and draw lines to add and add characters. To find the correct word or complete the board to find all the words and complete the level, you also need to find and add the letters in the correct order. With each level you reach, you will receive many valuable prizes for the house.

Unique experience while playing

The game presents different challenges for each player level. If you take part in "Home Dream" you will find that the game is fairly simple and very easy to evaluate. A system of words and suggestive words helps you clear up challenges from word interplay. The game brings the player's logic to the top with addictive and difficult puzzles. Players need to design a living room, bedroom, kitchen, garden, terrace, swimming pool with themes and styles related to America, Europe, Japan and China. The game offers a very sweet tone of urban, rural, modern, classic, casual, romantic. In addition, you can easily equip your home with beautiful and attractive furniture and decoration systems. Do you think about network data while downloading and playing many games? With this game players are supported offline flight anytime and anywhere. When you're in places without WiFi, you can only see it as a form of entertainment.

With Home Dream you can show your talent show

In 2-in-1 games, players always find something new and exciting. Building and beautifying a home is a process in which players have to constantly strive to get better results every day. With word games, you will enjoy words that seem too dry. Sports are a great option for your child to learn from the parameters of learning and playing. The way the game has changed with each round you will never get bored. When building a dream home, you need to take care of it every day to gradually improve your home. Beauty and creativity are the priority of the producers to control the development of this game.

Home Dream attracts players with its sleek, yet uncontrollable gameplay. What could be better than a dream home that can be completed faster? Compare your home with your friends to play and experience. Let's play and have fun right away.

MOD info?

1. Unlimited diamonds
2. Unlimited gold

Note: Coins are visual only.

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