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Sparkine Labs
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apr 05, 2021
Music is easy to listen to. At the moment, music makes up a significant portion of the people's entertainment market. You do everything to make things more attractive. You should have your own music to study and work to increase concentration. The entertaining party needs powerful music to awaken all the sensations. Sleep also needs its music so that people can sleep better. The need to listen to better music increases. So is the demand for more flashy music increasing? Muviz Edge - Music Visualizer, Edge Music Lighting was the answer.

Music that is both eye-catching and eye-catching is the entertainment of the new age

In fact, music is becoming more diverse and music hearing aids are also popular. There are actually many music players on Google Play that offer thousands of different experiences. Muviz Edge does this very differently from similar apps. It especially brings a live music visualizer to the edge of your screen. About ten years ago, when we didn’t have the extraordinary concept of MV, music waves always bring a unique experience when listening to music. Sound waves are simulated based on ringing sound frequencies to address the musician. You listen to music while watching the waves with music. Currently, Muviz Edge is doing this in a completely new way on the smartphone screen.

There is a catch if you are using a music player app

Muviz Edge, a third party application that interferes with other music players. It's not a playable device on its own, but it makes Apple Pull Music more unique than Google Music. Waves of music are displayed floating on the edge of the screen. As modern as your smartphone is, these music waves are faster and more effective. This is a small edge for a rounded screen effect. To make it more unique, you can access the app and customize it to suit your needs.

Easy to use, suitable for many people

Once you download Muviz Edge, you can instantly learn how to use it. Just click the shortcut on the screen and launch it. After logging in to the app, the user will be taken to the settings screen where you can do anything. The screen looks just like a music player but plays the available templates. This is not music; A little noise. You can select a sound clip by its display name. There are over 20 types of effects to choose from. Just click on it and the test will run immediately. If you like it, pick it up and apply. If you don't like it, you can still choose a new one. You can also customize these effects. The user can change the color to suit them.

In addition, the shape of the music waves has also been customized to suit the user. It is a third party application in which it can work in any situation. This means you can easily listen to music in all states, including online, offline, and offline. The effects of this app still apply to this music player app.

With a unique color set, you can do whatever you want

The app gives you a color set that allows you to use the album art/album art/cover art of the music currently playing. This is a range of colors that you can mix together. The more colors you add, the more unique music waves you will get. If you are using a boring template, you can save it and even create a new one. A whole gallery to create your own and color in your listening lessons.

In addition, you can also select the music source to display the scene. For example, listening to live music creates a pattern that catches the eye. Or if you challenge melodious and slow music, the colors give a calming effect. Apart from that, you can also install any type of visualization for different music applications. Since each app has its own layout, it is difficult to implement a one-of-a-kind music waveform for all apps. Sometimes this makes it difficult for the user to try the song. When you're playing a game or watching a video, you can temporarily close the app by blocking it in Settings.

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