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App door:
Panda Gaming Studio
1.4.9 voor Android
Bijgewerkt op:
mei 12, 2021
Panda Gamepad Pro is a key mapper application which means that you can use any made gamepad to control the game on your Android phone.

Currently, many people have easily given the name of the benefits of play equipment. PC, games in particular - to work with the console or smartphone system, is compact, and upgrade quickly. The OS-based smartphones will probably adapt to open source code, let the user talk about the freedom gained popularity thanks to its adoption of Android. They are welcome without ideas to create advanced tricks. In fact, must play regularly for Android smartphones and gambling.


What if you ever tried to turn off your phone, a handheld console? Currently, was published with many games, gaming devices connected to the accessory being very actively developed on a large smartphone. For example PUBG, the Valor Arena, and many other action games, ... whatever is a true monitor with MFI emulators. It is certainly a pre-optimized system; Players can not only be comfortable. But the real mobile gamers, they play a lot and play really seriously uncomfortable to watch by touching the screen and the whole scene.

A number of players will hand in the gamepad to allow for all the latest sports experience. The smartphone is a real handy console. Another problem is that it is difficult to be consistent with all the features you like. Panda GamePad Pro gamepad is an important mapper tool used by many people. In this application, so this gamepad only allows you to change the default settings for the playhouse was purchased.

In addition, a handy extra gamepad is off, do a lot of buttons. A strong point of the players to keep their finger when you can install hidden functions (functions additional activation required). For example, do not use the equipment players; This function can be activated for up to 2 seconds to complete; You can do it 3-4 times faster. Because of such display or dialogue as maps with generations with unimportant tasks, it only affects the short time, but this type of reloading is due to the fact that the exchange of weapons using skills for a job actually affects a level difference.

Compatible with many games

Most of the action game with a virtual joystick will always support. The keymapper system when it can't find all of the virtual keys, so you can customize the buttons, it's easy on the gamepad game. For example, you can easily spam versiertem game Mobile Legends PUBG is definitely different ... Panda GamePad Pro is 100% safe, so you don't need to worry about account lockout or other problems.


Some things to keep in mind if you want to download the app to your device. First, it cannot be applied to a gamepad, keyboard and other gear compatible with the mouse. Then if you want to use it, you must activate it with the root of the PC activation. Detailed guidelines for the application system; You just have to manipulate it. In general, he may find all sorts of popular gamepad today and established a large number of popular games. If you don't have to worry about it, download it on your phone. However, this is only a beta version, so there will be some unexpected power failure. At this point, you need to boot back to normal animals only. You can view the full documentation 

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