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pixiv Inc.
6.7.0 voor Android
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apr 22, 2021

To change the entertainment channels - read stories before today so popular because people have so many details. If you have the time, you can watch different things on the TV series and different media at the top. If you have less free time, you can use YouTube as a close friend in any case. However, one of the featured comics out there, people can't always be removed. This design of all animated films, individual films or even games. Thanks to this feature, many avid fans do not know the basic and necessary content come from comic pages. They went to make small incomes enough to streamline a streamlined film that is enough to show absolutely everything in some of the comic pages if they are safe to watch. Need to know the meaning some want to know the history.

A Japanese online community for artists

Pixiv is recommended by many people who currently read app stories. Almost as long as fans say it's one of the most common sites in the process of crafting their favorite content. It is a comic lover with everything filled during their free time. "Pixiv" is very easy to get into and the proposed play is going to be a Google users editor application. In addition, this application has reached 150,000 surveys 4.3 / 5 stars. Just this indicator is enough to see its usefulness and reliability of its users for this product.

The first thing we need to do with this app is the fact that user interaction is a very successful design. If you use it for the first time, you can easily find a category like manipulate everything. If you need to see something or display only the type of content you need in the search box. In addition, all the features you put on the left side of the app need to be tweaked just to list enough to control the screen. You can do many things, get an overview of all the activities in "Pixiv" items.

There are more than 20 million members, more than 43 million entries

In the latest version, we have gained an appreciation for the appreciation that it will bring a lot of improvement credit. First, the combination of the two groups is the one that pays the most attention to reviews and bookmarks. According to developer logic, these features both have something to say that it's good and is often said to be sufficient. Recently, while it's different people, this is very hostile to those who prefer reading stories. People have been assembling these two elements in one place!  Their all you love to call something an item and if necessary, it's easy to use and everything out there. They can be saved by tapping the bookmark name "Collection" and free content from it. If you do that and you can share it with others. Now the application has been upgraded to a higher level on the home page, it has much Rkik user data, allowing you to interact with the work. First of all, it is a top place to work and recommendations will be given to their interests. Of course, the information work that they regularly follow along as the author did.

"Pixiv" There are currently more than 40 million users used and it is increasing the steady work to prove the number of quality. You can get the utility to get this app, it delivers on the web version all the same. But you are afraid of things efficient and can find them at the bottom of professional operations. Images are not truncated in the box, blocked by advertising and nonsense functions.

Images are offered in the world's most famous anime and anime that their servers explain daily. You put them in your bookmarks and wait for recommendations or artist type to work the latest, their style follows two ways. In addition, users can read, free, manga novels everywhere especially the early attention and updates. 

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