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jul 24, 2021

For many people, taking a nice selfie is very easy because the technology already supports this thing. Have you ever thought that medieval people should have a great way to get good pictures? To preserve their image, they must be rich enough to hire a painter for themselves. Then they have to sit longer so that these artists can draw everything from your face to your body again. If you want to see such a real work, go to the art museum, there will be a lot of paintings. Do you want to experience this feeling or not? Realizing that you have exactly the same image of rich medieval people.

To make such images come true, all you need is a tool. It's also easy when you use it like a regular selfie app. Download this app, then take your own photos. It takes years to create talented artists like Leonardo da Vinci. It's all based on AI. It calculates the ratio of your face and uses the existing picture and sews your face into it. In general, it is very common to create an entertaining scene with the help of this advanced technology.

Many painting styles to choose from

Although these 18th-century paintings are similar in style, each artist has their own style. So you can first choose your favorite style and then take a photo. These photos follow your chosen style and will transform you into someone from the past. Do you want to be a famous normal or beautiful girl in Picasso's works ... everything can be ok in this app. As long as you have a good view of energy, your work will surely be appreciated by many.

A.I. Thanks to the way app for the power of

Almost all photo applications now use the power of AI as a base. Such Sony applications make more use of this technological function. The photos you take through this app will be scanned once to sculpt the shape of the face and all the details of the face. Your photos will then be processed at lightning speed. Users will not have to wait any longer for work. While creating the image, some interesting animations will appear on the screen so that you do not get bored waiting for the birth of your work. When the work is done, you will see what your face was like when you lived in the 18th century. The original image and the newly created image have been paired for comparison.

Before using this application, you should know some requirements

The first is that your photo will be taken in a high-resolution format. Also, your face should be clearly visible on the screen. This means you should not take pictures with no-frills blurring your face. If you have no idea how to publish it, you can visit the website's online website to view sample images. The photos you then make produce the best image quality. Because these patterns are framed in 18th-century picture frames. You can try some of the images above and use them once and for all.

You can download or share directly

Portrait - An AI portrait that works for you and then allows the user to download their device for free. Of course, exported photos have the highest resolution. You can save your nine pictures and use them as screenshots. Or if you want to share on multiple social networking sites, it's easy because there are direct links. All you have to do is tap on it and you will see the work immediately. In the end, it is the photo that is so good or so bad that many choices are made from them.

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