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Dandio Games
1.35.2889 voor Android
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jul 13, 2021
Muscle Hustle is a sport that allows players to enjoy epic and immersive wrestling matches. Players form their own tag team and take part in fierce battles.

The gameplay of the game is made in a simple Muscle screen style so that the players can enjoy the game with just one finger. The gameplay is like a pool, so the control mechanism is simple and requires players with excellent tactical skills to win. In the arena, players can use multiple characters at the same time, and this allows players to make more choices in team strategy. The player's job is to defeat the opponent and do that. The player must beat everyone in the opponent's wrestling. The game will be packed with many other fun features for the enjoyment of the players and will also have an exciting story that will keep the players in search.

Due to the pool-like gameplay, the controls are simple and players only need to drag, aim, and release to launch powerful attacks on the enemy. However, players cannot attack the opponent on the opponent. You should have a specific strategy based on the wrestler. If the strategy is successful, the player can inflict great damage to the enemy and quickly finish the game. During the game, the player can use some of the special skills of a wrestler on the team. Special skills will be very diverse and rich when the number of wrestlers the players have collected is innumerable.

Wrestlers are divided into different categories based on their characteristics and each has a specific personality that makes the interaction between the player and the character more interesting. Depending on the wrestler's specialty, players will develop different fighting methods that are right for them. This makes the player's strategic choice more diverse. Players can upgrade or upgrade the wrestler, which makes them stronger and can help players in fierce battles.

The game will have a dramatic story with numerous challenges for the players. Each challenge is always a generous reward to add to the team of players. Even in this game, all players can connect, form a team and start a contest. If you are looking for a game to entertain in your spare time, this game is a great option for you.

1. Enemy dosn’t attack
2. 1 Hit Kill

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Dumb Enemy/One Hit
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