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Fireproof Games
1.0.2 voor Android
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apr 01, 2021

Take a look around the room: old sins, you will surely enjoy the worst horror ever. It’s not like any movie that is often shown in theaters, but the storytelling has its own uniqueness. Mysteries will slowly unfold, making you feel like you have fallen into a mysterious world. Are you ready for this adventure?

A unique story that draws you from espionage to divorce

The story begins when a famous engineer suddenly disappears with his wife. This is not a common case as both have a huge impact on society at play. One was an engineer with considerable research, the other was a great man in the overworld. People began to investigate this disappearance and find a valuable work of art. Everything starts to take people to unexpected places. And in the end, all the clues got him home. An old exotic sex house is upstairs for your adventure. Players will have to explore many mysterious places without keeping any clues about them. In order to unravel the mysteries of the Ladderg Manor, they must adhere to the details that are clearly revealed.

Fantastic design that will get you into Lingley's room

When you get to this engineer's house, the last thing you see is the finger house. The player is sent to this house. You have to find the secrets of the house and find a way to escape. The design of this house is very fantastic. You can see them in 3D background graphics with darker details. This Western-style home has Asian artifacts like dragon head skeletons. Quizzes and maps will take you to exciting places. It's as if you're deluded. Feels awful at night and blends in with the excitement.

Puzzles are scattered around the house

As described above, this house is tended by strange magic. There are unique puzzles everywhere. If you don't solve these puzzles, you definitely can't take any steps in front of the house. Each puzzle has a different presentation and solution that you can't predict what will happen to you in the next few steps. Every challenge that seeks a solution leaves the key to the time to come. When you succeed, remember the result. Sometimes it helps you move forward.

Everything you have never seen before will work. For example, when you start a game you need to find a way to open the flashlight to illuminate the finger. No help could be found this morning as the road was already interrupted. Players need to find ways to connect all the components in the circuit. Or if you check in a suitcase with information, you will see a metal item. You can open it by sliding it across a small metal rod across the egg. This is a tool that lets you see objects in the dark. In general, the challenges in the game work according to a very unique arrangement that you can not predict.

Unique controls make you feel like you're in the game

You get into the game by swiping the screen. Because of this, players can go anywhere at their own discretion. Also, everything in the game can interact with the player by touch. This means you can touch and absorb anything as if it were in the real world. If you have microscopic observations and you miss the links you touched, the puzzles will definitely not be difficult for you. Sometimes useless things are put in to distract the player. But sometimes there are things that help activate these hidden mechanisms. It can take you to different rooms, different challenges with a design that are not like before.

The game supports work on many different devices

Thanks to this support, you can save your gameplay in the cloud and then play it on other devices. This is the only form of support that allows you to play the game anywhere. Sometimes when you have a difficult time and you can't answer it, you can ask someone to complete it. Players just need to share their progress.

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