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AKX Developers
2.3.1 para Android
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jun 07, 2021

In the past, everyone needed a camera to store family photos for memories. If smartphones are developed to take pictures and take souvenir pictures, there is no need to use a camera these days. Cameras on today's phones are becoming more powerful, which has fueled everyone's enthusiasm for photography. Taking artistic and beautiful photos is not only a snapshot of life, it is also a very reactive attitude. However, if the picture is captured by color correction on the phone or camera, it will become more beautiful and elegant. And Lightroom Presets and Filters - Presets - An app for you with loads of amazing color correction filters for photos.

Multiple filters

The preset app provides perfect photo color filters for lightrooms on mobile. Maybe you are a photographer and have some knowledge of lightroom presets. You also know that a preset is a feature that records the dimensions of the photos you've customized. So our app has many parameters of image quality and it is right for you. Use the parameters in the app to apply your photos. In addition to having color filters for photos, the app also has smooth skin, frames, filters, etc., and many other adjustments to make your photos perfect.

Our application is completely free. More than 100 trendy DNG settings and more than 10 collections available to you. The app is updated daily to keep up with the trend. In addition, it will be automatically installed in the lightroom on your phone.

UPGRADE photo editing function

The Presets app includes presets of premium color filters that you can use to edit and improve the quality of your images with Lightroom. The application will automatically set parameters for you, such as b. Shadows, lights, atmosphere, clarity ... or you can make it to your liking. We have interesting and unique presets like Cloud Mood that adds depth and mysterious shadows to the photo. This setting is usually best for landscape photography. There are two presets for lighter orange and chestnut-green that create a softer, more vibrant image. Vibrant Actors, Vibrant Monsoon, and Pop-up Colors are generally suitable for a variety of photos to keep your photo stand out and bring it to life. Try to choose a color scheme that suits your interests.

Manufacturer of super products

In addition to the pre-installed presets, the preset collection is also very good and has received many awards. Use the storage available in the app to improve your photo editing skills and create stunning photos with cool filters in the app. The available collection will always amaze you with the results you bring. Professional color collections and wedding photo collections, in particular, are impressive when the colors are harmonious and not too dark - experiment and experience which color collections affect you the most.

Experience and comfort

Presets are a great app that will give you a great photo editing experience. Most people want to share beautiful pictures and beautiful colors on social networks. how are you? Don’t make your moments feel dull and dull. Download the app to your mobile phone now and enjoy first-class photo editing experience!

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