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1.1.10 para Android
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jul 22, 2021

Old memories are always cherished and remembered by everyone. People often keep them in diaries or pictures. Usually, it is placed in pictures because more is overlooked when reviewing a picture. He really wants to keep our memories. However, photos taken too long can cause greening, aging, and deterioration in quality. Make it colorful - the presence of colored black and white photos is like a treasure trove for those photos and memories. Indispensable for many types of users, the app can bring vivid, colorful, bold, vivid photos with fresh intelligence. That's great, isn't it? Our restoration and restoration businesses don't have to spend money to get photos. Because now it's a great app. Please download now; Do not hesitate for a long time

Application usage

Colorize - Everything becomes Easier to color black and white photos with retrieval operation. There was no time or money to go to photoshop. It's very easy for the app because it works well with all types of photos. Full grayscale, sepia tone, partial grayscale, ... these functions are always helpful when re-installing and coloring our old black and white photos. What's more useful than this photo recovery app? The pictures you need to reinstall will be selected from your photo library or taken directly from the camera. A photo has been sent to the server for retrieval. The work is done quickly and then we are sent back and removed. Deleted photos are subject to the application's privacy policy

Why is APP a favorite?

No one will like this app because of its features - this is an important feature to help restore our memories. It is also quite easy to use. Just upload the photos to the server and perform a simple operation to recover your photos. It's easy to use, but editing the image of a subsequent restoration is not easy. How can the whole heart be simple? While everyone is rushing to the restoration shop, we have to stay at home to download Colorize - Black & White Photo Coloring App - and then wait for the results. 5 stars for this convenience and savings. Share for everyone to use.

Personal convenience

This is like a new step in the photo editing industry. It’s like a breath of fresh air for a utility app on the internet today. Make it colorful - colored black and white photos are like instant protection from many tasks. Ease of use is a new experiment that every user wants to try. Everyone is always able to recover photos with a free app and app experience.


The popularity of an app is always the best result when the app is first available. Color it - coloring black and white photos is an app that gives users practical help. Any application can be used in a fair, open, and transparent way, and ease of use is out of the question. Ideal on the app that will be used on the phone.

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