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jul 30, 2021

Your face hides many secrets that have not been discovered. After the experience, the app will use your scanned face data, analyze it and generate an accurate report. The report contains information and secrets about your face. Also, in the future, you will receive your own pictures, what your children will look like, compare the typical beauty with friends. The app also analyzes users' faces and draws conclusions about what they look like. All of this is integrated into Fantastic Face - Aging Prediction, Daily Face.

The main feature of this application is the daily facial analysis. This work has been developed thanks to research and image analysis. This function helps you to know the daily beauty index instantly. The skin index is also expressed in the special report of the application. This daily report gives you simple, clear, and convenient information.

It’s interesting when you sit down and imagine how you would look to care for your age? Then let this app help you. With the help of the latest image analysis technology, you can quickly get a picture of your face when you are 60, 70, or even 80 years old. Leave this funny feature to break the jokes with your friends!

What will your future children look like? They will look cute, they will be playful or malicious, but with utility analysis, process and prediction, you can probably imagine what your child will look like.

Your fingerprints are always different from others. Show us your line and we'll understand what they have to say for you. Money, love, career path, career path, etc. are predictable. But this is just an interesting prediction, don't trust it too much.

Who is the most beautiful in your group? And do they all agree? If you are going for a walk with friends, please use this app and create a friend beauty contest. It’s straightforward and all you have to do is take a photo of everyone and send it to us for our work. As indicated above, an accurate and detailed report will be sent back to everyone. And at the end of the contest, please take these indicators and compare them to find the winner. Please make sure our references will always be the fairest.

Are your face index and your friend really compatible? Are you and your boyfriend's fiance together? The corresponding percentage is always the specified number. And let's find out if you and your boyfriend really match. You can also use the facial indicators we have analyzed to find the right ones for you and match them. Sometimes you can even find the right partner for this app.

Expressions of emotions like happiness, sadness, sadness, anger, etc. are carefully analyzed using your images. Your feelings are most evident through your face. So, if you think your feelings are unusual, we can help you and give you positive advice. However, we want our app users to enjoy every day.

Laughing is a joy, a smile and your smile is also the satisfaction you give us when you use our app. So take your camera, record your smile and send it to us. Let's see your smile and spread it further.

Is it true that we all have idols? And sometimes we want to have sex with them. So come to experience an amazing feature on this app which is a celebrity match. This feature allows you to add your own highlights and discover features similar to celebrities. And we'll connect you to it and get more information about that person.

Do you want to reveal all the secrets of your face? Test your face and show that you know your face well. The fun and enjoyable test version is also a great form of layout for you.

As an application for beauty analysis and forecasting users, Brilliant Face - Predictive Prediction is a relatively new trend in daily facial applications. We have received a lot of positive reviews from the media and users. In the future, we will try to strengthen and improve the utilities of modern technologies and applications to attract users.

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