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dez 03, 2020
Why last week's FaceApp application has been a shock wave in the app market. In a way, people are getting different dimensions of old and young, interesting dimensions for 40 years - 50 years. In fact, it is very interesting, because everyone sees your future and want to look back and youngsters. It has been peddling an extremely powerful image editing application on the prestigious app rankings in the furious world ahead.
Increasing real age, in editors, stickers, filters, and pictures
An unexpected product of the Z Camera is that this feature is carefully thanked by users. GOMO - Many publishers have won thanks to its publisher, also the Jade Community Ecosystem for applying. The Z Camera is a 100 million more play drama downloaded from Google. In addition, with more than 10 different applications experienced in the modern smartphone market, you can meet the needs and application ecosystem.

They come with Z cameras, the first thing you might notice is a fully equipped self-application with a self. It is a very cool and unique experience for you better, apply almost the same diet. "Z "camera should be able to show an F, applications that were considered to constitute the current level of beautiful photos. And of course, the most significant feature is the user's age machined in real-time. It's a very familiar operation you're here, Lee himself. Just open the camera and then in the lower right corner, then use the front camera functions screen. You just need to select the old feature and touch it all will be displayed in real-time. The fact is that these are requests that go viral in fact their causes. In fact, these programs use the most sophisticated type of artificial, based on exactly how people in the face simulate anatomy. Many people try to use it and have not found it effective.

In addition to filtering out aging, there are many other important features that users are allowed to create your best photos. Of course, a successful photo camera and photo editing program is a must-have filter. The "Z" "camera filter is for almost anyone to use with immediate adaptation. In addition, it also has many stylish stickers, advanced filters and special images. Very high reputation in this unique and unique application optimization user community. "" Z "" cameras are unique and beautiful for constantly bringing up various filter filters, but they are allowed to use it there and only the user.

Users also get an amazing effect with other privilege styles. You can have their blessings appeal to a specific audience for many different things. Do you feel excited about the new labels and stickers you AR? If so, with more than 500 labels, the user can feel completely free to change everything in their favorite things. Trendy Selfi can experiment with recording live filters, while recording different patterns, allowing you to see it with a lot of images for you, you are eligible for any kind of fine. In addition to regular upgrades to use immediately with speed, a new style meets you every week. Just tap the screen right. You do not have a lot of waste work and should be able to work on pointers such as composition, sketch, leakage, etc.
Unique Z camera special
Before special effects face a little swapping. Maybe it was even known, so you don't need to hear the presentation. But the more fun things you want to do is have a new hairstyle. Also, do not hesitate, but can add super sexy makeup effects. And more difficult to do things like build muscle and 3D tattoos, body shapes and face that people often ask on Photoshop to be simply 'Z' cameras. Load and the most unique feature is that you create your own Z Gallery here. All your pictures will be encrypted and stored on the device. 

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