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1.9.86 для Android
мар 29, 2021

Football Football is already the most popular sport in the world. Every event that takes place every year draws attention and it is difficult for fans to divert their attention from the games that take place during the season. Gradually in the game market, there were many games inspired by this King Game and great experiences with many different unique players. But in the case of the flick-kick football giants, there will be a slight difference in gameplay today.

Important cardboard graphics

Flick Kick Football Legend brings you amazing graphics that many players can enjoy. It is designed like a comic where the player will be a part of this world. At the same time, you can see a lot of dialogue and shadowy events in it. This gives you the opportunity to find a team to win a fantastic tournament.

While experiencing the game, a player must keep in mind that the up-and-down perspective of the game is not the same as the games of the same genre. In particular, you will be fully transformed into every member of your team. At the same time, it can be used to create the right strategy to win the game. But for many players, it is not easy.

Players do not need much control to play this game. Even if you are not in good control, you can experience this game. The game mainly focuses on finding the screen for a special pass. At the same time, you will also be interested in walking and blocking your team, and it will help you get a chance to win while stealing the ball from the opponent.

Type the ball correctly

Flick Kick Football Football Legends offers you a straightforward but equally challenging way to play: Win the game if you get points for an opponent's goal. To do this, you need to properly pass the ball between team members. This has to be done continuously to reach the member on the other side of the goal. If you think it's easy, you're wrong.

There are also many factors in this game that players need to take care of. You don't move too far to move the ball, but you will see the ball and the verse lats, it will be your team member and opponent. You will try to swipe the screen so that the ball flies at the right time when your teammate moves forward and touches the ball. From there you will get a certain amount of XP and then move on to the next round.

However, this is not easy to do as the ball can be caught by the opponent at any time, as most of the time the opponent stands in front of your teammate. Another possibility is that at the right time you can go too far to compete against your fellow players. So you will spend a lot of time improving your skills and the game has a practice mode for you.

Difficult Manchi by Manchi

Flick Kick Football .l Legends offers you a challenging style of play that allows you to participate in different seasons for bonuses. Everyone plays games against other opponents, and sometimes you inevitably fail. In some cases, even if all the passes are correct and you can win the game, you can still feel satisfied. As such, the game brings you many different experiences.

The game owns a team where you have many different positions for each person. So, players can create a team for themselves that they want. However, this is a full-time consuming process as each player has a rarity and the higher rare players will take more time to collect it. Also, I have to spend some time and money managing them.

The only thing when collecting these athletes is what kind of pack you will open. There are packages with different prices for you to choose from. It can be said that the possibility of rare characters is entirely possible when the amount is high. Therefore, players need to properly consider the use of money on these packs. As you open new characters, you can add them to increase your chances of winning.

Gaming experience

Flick-kick soccer legends give you unlimited fun, but equally challenging gameplay when you need to reach a certain level while playing. Players properly move from one person to another and earn points for winning the game screen. At the same time, of course, someone will like the impressive graphics, just like the cartoon, and a lot of characters will be waiting for you.

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