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1.5.8 для Android
июн 25, 2021

If you have an endless passion for soccer but you don't have much opportunity to play or work, then the game I give in the article below is very good for you. This is mini soccer, the new soccer simulation game. Bring the enjoyable experience of the players with the top excellent toys of the game. You will have the real experience of playing this game with the roar of the crowd in the stadium, get great results, and build a powerful football .l army. All you have to do is put on your shoes and go to the arena in this new soccer game. It is a new soccer game and very easy to play which makes it more attractive to players from all over the world.


Mini Football is a soccer simulation game that has just started with great features. Players play through different levels. The game will have five unique and large stadiums as you advance your football career. Then whether it's your home field or the international field, players will look different at every level. New and impressive stadium styles are updated regularly. So try your best to be able to fight in different stages.

Do your best to climb the leaderboard and keep track of each competition and win great prizes. Each week, players have the opportunity to watch tournaments ranging from the Brass League to the All-Stars League. So make sure you hit this graduation to get a bigger and better prize in the game.

Design and graphics

The graphics of Mini Footb. Amaze me with their sophistication and craftsmanship. It’s not the best in graphics, though, I like how the designer looks like everything in the game with a big head, other unique features, and a small body. It's a way of adding something that is different from other specific soccer games.

In addition to great graphics, the sound is also an amazing factor for players. The music and sound of the game is what players expect in any game. With the cheer of the crowd, the players screaming and the referee whistling, you will feel like you are in a certain game of soccer. The harmonious combination of graphics and sound has created a distinctive and outstanding character for the game that inspires players.

The game

Mini Football Control is easy and straightforward to control. Players can use the virtual bar on the left side of the screen to move around. The three buttons on the right side of the screen are mainly related. This means you can catch, shoot, pass or win the ball. When you're just starting out, the AI ​​isn't very bright, so you can handle it easily and quickly, maybe even break it.

When you are ready to achieve your goal, you need to work from the virtual joystick to your goal. The relatively slow motion of the player makes this easy to achieve. If the passed AI is close to your target, you will need to remove it from the slide. However, I also warned you that doing so could result in a yellow or red card penalty for your player.

Build, update, and customize your team

When your goalkeeper does his job in mini football, you need to decide to control him and move the player forward or warm-up towards the center of the field. Or you can choose the latter, which is usually less risky, especially if you join a more advanced group. This is because the foot of the nearest player does not have much ability to pass the ball and the other player of the team can easily catch the ball.

You will have to pay an entry fee when you start a new game. It depends on which stadium you want. The more expensive the game fee, the higher the profit. This means that initially, you will only have access to the base stadium of the game. Use your wins from previous games to pay a very high entry fee and earn a large amount in the game.

Mini Football is a simulation game that promises players an exciting experience. Download the game and try your best to reach the top of the leaderboard and win. In the game, in particular, there are various upgrade tools to improve the level of the player.


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