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3.1 สำหรับ Android
เม.ย. 01, 2564

The struggle to survive is always something that keeps players interested in the game. Games on this theme often provide many exciting experiences for players to experience. I just said a good example of which is Sports Noodle Man. 2, please come into the game for your best experience. The game offers players the best moments of entertainment. With simple but less unique gameplay, the game is sure to meet the entertainment needs of many gamers.

Unique graphics

When players come to the game, the first experience they have is the graphics of the game. So let's find out what's in it. The game is designed in 3D graphics format but it is not as complicated as many other games, simply outlined. The characters of the game are created in a unique style called Stickman, which is a simple design. The biggest difference between the characters in the game is the color; The player can do this by color to distinguish his character and his opponent. In addition, some other small differences are the differences between some of the smaller details between them so that players can choose.

Fight and be the winner

Players take part in hand-to-hand battles between many different characters and take them all to win. Players begin to attack the enemy. At this point, the player's task is to attack to bring the opponent's HP to 0. After completing this task, the player has a new mission. This is to throw them out of the arena to get rid of them. If the player cannot do this in a few seconds, the opponent's HP will be refilled and damage will be inflicted on you. Therefore, complete the task of throwing the opponent as quickly as possible so as not to attack the opponent. It is important that there are no allies in this field. Everyone is your opponent, so be careful. The game ends only when the player has finished all opponents. The player is not required to do this as long as you are the only one standing.

Unlock the characters

The game maker wants to make the game more diverse, so they have created many different characters for the choice of players. Everyone has color and character to avoid confusion in the arena. If you want to unlock something new, players have to use the money to buy it. Some characters are made in the style of a clown while others are made in the form of an object. If a player hits multiple targets in combat, the amount the player can use increases. So don’t just try to win, you have to beat as many targets to get more money.

Card variations

There are many different types of arenas in which players can fight. There is space in the air and the player can imagine what he would like to fall. Some places have been placed on icebergs at the poles of the earth, where it is cold everywhere.

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