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Screen Stream Mirroring Pro for Screen is the most powerful app, especially for Android. You can share your phone or tablet screen directly on any large screen-sized device through a media player, web browser, and player like smart TV, computer, projection screen, and the same network. You can also stream live in real-time on major social networks like Broadcast Screen and Audio Dio.

The main feature

The Featured Screen Stream Mirroring app has many great features, fast installation, and a user-friendly interface. Specifically to mention the following five exceptional features:

You can record your phone screen and then send it directly to major social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. With this feature, you can easily share your information on social networks. It is very suitable for sharing game streamers, MV answers, movies, your experiences, game strategy, or your feelings easily and quickly.

This application allows you to share a small screen with everyone on the big screen as your phone screen can be projected onto the big screen like smart TV, projection screen, computer, laptop, etc. Display the information you need. Share screen with a web browser for players and compatible devices.

The application allows you to easily turn the screen on or off while recording, camera, or recording. You don't want to record video, but external sounds are interfering with the sound in your video. When manual methods of filtering sounds are too complicated for fatigue and headaches you have no idea how to handle them. And save your life, it's very easy when you download our screen stream mirroring app. All you need to do is install this app on your phone and turn off the recording mode and that's it. The app also allows you to draw on the screen during a presentation, making it easier for viewers to follow, focus and enjoy more.

They record online and can be turned off only after the screen is closed. With this feature, you need to open our screen stream mirroring app, set a timer, and then play a stream or game. Everything is ready for you and to go live stream. At this point, your video will be amazing and complete.

It is best if you have recorded the screen of the phone but for some reason can not connect to the Internet. However, this is fine as screen stream mirroring is available. This application can help you to record the screen of the phone even without an internet connection. With just one touch, it's easy and incredibly fast to record video from your phone screen.

What will you get

Screen Stream Mirroring is an application that has many benefits for your study and entertainment as you can prepare your presentation on your mobile phone and then play it on the projector screen. Is it not convenient, or you can download games to your phone through this utility app and play it on a big computer screen, or you can watch movies and cool videos ... and then watch it on youtube, Facebook. Smart TV for the whole family, you can still connect easily and without the hassle of cables.

Instructions for registering screen current mirroring

If your phone is less than Android 5.0 and has not yet rooted, you will need My Tool to activate the app and use it. With just the first start for all future apps. We have a manual and answers to specific questions for each issue. Please do not hesitate to use the application. There is always a team to help you and answer your questions.

Big advantage

The use of 4G supply services for all industries and services is helping people to work and work more efficiently and faster in today’s life. Screen stream mirroring is a utility that has many great features to help you get information from the phone to the big screen without the need for complex devices. Be a smart user. Download this app to your computer right away to make your work and life easier.

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