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Tem 01, 2021

Tick ​​tock - A Tale for Two is an adventure game with unique puzzles. The game is great and especially suitable for just two players. The game happens in the story when the player and a friend are trapped in a mysterious world. To escape from this mysterious world, players will have to solve all the puzzles, from easy to dangerous, to get back to everyday life.

Unique adventure game

Tick Tock is a puzzle adventure game that is new to players. The game is in the puzzle genre, but it is completely different from other titles. Normally you can only play alone while playing, but for this game, you need to team up with a friend of yours to solve all these puzzles.

The context of the game is created; In a world full of mysteries you will accidentally get lost with a friend of his. The main task of the game is to solve increasingly difficult questions to overcome this dangerous world. However, you play in real-time mode, so you need to quickly discuss with your friend how to solve the puzzle quickly.

Unity between two players to create power

The key to quickly winning and completing all Tick Tock tasks is the power of uniformity between the two. This is the key to your success because each person has different pieces of the puzzle. So you have to connect with this friend for the whole picture.

In general, playing the game alone is not the best option as the puzzles are incredibly complex and force you to connect with others to solve them. Therefore, it must be remembered that your communication skills, as well as your strengths of others, will help you both escape from this mysterious world.

Exciting puzzle game

Tick ​​Talk always allows you to explore a deep mystical story. With a game atmosphere inspired by Scandinavian fairy tales as you set foot in a beautiful hand-drawn world. Not only that, this puzzle game will not only entertain, but it will also help to improve your imagination and socialize with friends. A challenging game in which you will need coordination skills. Here players will have to move forward with challenges and countless mysteries in the world of this mysterious watch.

Mind-changing questions are always a challenge for you. Players can do a variety of things, such as shouting loudly to discuss what they see and hear. Then put the two parts of the person together to create a great picture. However, players should always pay attention to time, which is a factor that puts more pressure on them. To achieve this, you need to solve a series of logical tasks.

Allow playing on multiple platforms

When players join Tick Talk, they can play on multiple platforms. That means you can only play on the Android platform and on the Nintendo Switch, iOS and PC. Overall, how you play is entirely up to you; With the switch, players can play on two PCs or make themselves comfortable in bed. This game always meets all your needs and always produces excellent content for your enjoyment. With fairly simple gameplay that allows all players to easily access and use it. Start an adventure in this world to discover what is in the mysterious clock. Players are played locally or remotely on two devices, and you only need one voice connection.

Puzzle fun

In this game, as mentioned earlier, it won't be too scary if you keep it alive. According to experienced players in the field, many people have been encouraged to join and participate. In addition to fatigue and boredom, you also enjoy mastering the challenges in the game. In fact, it is a fantastic multiplayer puzzle game with a great hook and a very special combination of dual-screen devices. Notifications are displayed on two different screens. The game will be great when you join the puzzle with your friends.

Special graphic design

In fact, puzzle adventure games have always been created especially for the smallest detail. The game is not very graphic, but it still brings harmony to the player. With the dark background style as the main theme, it goes well with a mystical world narrative. Currently, the game has been updated and updated with some other features so that players can use it. Several languages ​​have also been added to the game.

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