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Thg7 03, 2021

Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages in the Dynasty era. Dynasty Age is a strategy game in which you are the head of the country. As a king, you need to keep your head calm and make important decisions and strategies for the nation. The fate of the country will depend entirely on you. Therefore, make wise decisions during your reign. However, this game will not be entertaining if any wise or insane king can survive till this time.

Game History

The game takes place between AD 476 and AD 1492 and opens after the death of the king. You are his successor. There will be many small emirates in the state where you rule.

The dynasty of 476 to 1492 AD is a strategy game in the Middle Ages. Download the game and see how he rules the head of your state. Other rulers will have their own throne in your stronghold and everyone will have to fight for their kingdom. Sometimes as a mad king, you have to make a decision, then as a prudent king like King Arthur.

Do you want to win the allegiance of the Vasal kingdoms and overthrow the rulers of your dynasty who will succeed in overthrowing all rebellions? Will you be able to prevent war and famine from destroying your kingdom? There are effects and results that you choose. In this game, you have to plan your moves skillfully.

Age of Dynasties gameplay

The age of the dynasty begins with the empty throne. The king died and now it is your responsibility to rule the kingdom. They have followed the role of leaders for centuries to make things work. Easier than dealing with rebellion, economic upheaval, and incredible confidence. The game asks different questions and each player's decision changes the path of the dynasty. They have different personalities for each king in the age. Some are intelligent and some are greedy. The other is insane. These personality traits will affect the outcome of your decisions.

Medieval throne 2

Meeting the needs of people who are easily connected to each other to maintain peace in the state and challenge each other through a series of historical events. When you make decisions, you are actively gathering resources and issuing an actual decree with each turn. But remember that any choice affects the longevity and future of the current king sitting on the throne. The domino effect is the best way to distinguish good players when making decisions. The player has to manage delicate political affairs and complex personal relationships between councilors and the royal family. You can also build a magnificent palace, form alliances, enlist the help of advisors, and become the undisputed master of the dynasty.

The main characteristic of the dynasty era

This offline fly strategy game can be played without an internet or wifi connection for the development of your medieval empires. Conquer all: Conquer other kingdoms, defeat emperors and kings, and make your army victorious in all battles. Build your empire: Meet the requirements of masters, warriors, and knights to maintain peace in the kingdom and test your skills in medieval wars. Game selection: Make the right decision in each season (spring, summer, autumn, winter) to create a powerful and prosperous state. Medieval RPG: Meet the requirements to achieve the royal throne and arrange a wedding in the best interests of your state. Grow Dynasty: Choose God for your dynasty and hire reliable and knowledgeable royal members to build a prosperous kingdom and palace.

Strong rival kingdoms: collect iron, conquer the new medieval kingdom and seize its throne, build its city, make swords and armor, and run knights to rally against enemy empires - State Management: Thirty political affairs with rival kings. Choose royal affairs in your palace to please the council and all the people of the medieval royal family. Battle Simulation: Improve strategy, use strategies and tactics to plan great battles and tactics like King Arthur, and win your opponent's golden throne in this turn-based strategy game. Discover Medieval Europe: Unlike King Avalon, there will be a dragon who can help in battle, in an imaginary kingdom, or on the Iron Throne. Think wisely in every way and always remember that the resources of your kingdom are not inexhaustible.

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