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Thg4 01, 2021

Colopl is a publisher of mobile games for Android and iOS operating systems from Japan. Colopl launched its first PV product, a fantastic mobile game called Alice Gear Aegis. Alice Gear can run on Aegis, currently the most popular mobile operating system for Android and iOS.

Download Alice Gear Aegis APK (Update v1.0) mode for Android

Do you know this game genre world? Bishojois a game with beautiful young women, most of whom are school-age. With sheer innocence, Alice Gear attracts thousands of players around the world since the announcement of the Aegis game. Although the official launch of the Alice Gear Aegis has not yet been announced, the publisher has released photos and some information along with the game's trailer. Girls and Panzer is a graphic design and illustration company developed for the role-playing game Alice Gear Aegis, Fumican Shimda, and other characters, and created by Gundam designers Kanatek Ibikawa and Takayuki Yanez.

Alice Gear Aegis will refer to Tokyo City in the future. At the time, many people were going into space and unable to return. Your mission is to save these people and bring them back to a healthy life. But you don’t do it alone; You become the commander of an army called the Tokyo Shard. Alice Gear Magic Girls will help you complete the rescue mission and your first goal will be manufacturing Narukozka

Characters in Alice Gear Aegis

The game has six Alice Gear Aegis, each with different skills. They are all invincible warriors and equipped with the latest weapons. You will love this cute hero girl because she is not only beautiful and nice but also very personal. Each character has a different personality and beauty, innocent, bright, happy, innocent, calm, and extremely intelligent. This is very helpful for your good work.


Alice Gear Aegis APK provides fast and vibrant 3D graphics. In the action of the character the players will be impressed by every gesture and honesty. The game control method is also very simple; Most are easy to stretch and release, but extremely sleek. After entering the world of Alice Gear Aegis, players will have a variety of associations that will help not only the girls of Alice Gear but also invent and choose new weapons.

Alice Gear Aegis is a cute Bishojo strategy game that is a fan of the genre and is awaiting the official launch date of the game. And we'll let you know when the latest version is available.

1. Mod Menu
– You can turn the Mod on or Off
2. God Mode
– You can’t die. Activate/Deactivate it BEFORE you join a Battle!
3. One Hit
– You kill all with one hit. Activate/Deactivate it BEFORE you join a Battle!
4. No Ads

Note: Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps.

Modded by DaRealPanDa

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