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Thg7 10, 2021

They are interested in war games but do not like the characters of die-hard male warriors. Male warriors are most strict in size. Then comes the armor for electricity. It's a war-related game, but it has its own cuteness and charm of 2D girls. Developed by Hennett and Nukatu, this game is an unleashed game out there, but that doesn't mean there are no high-quality games. . Usually the game itself makes a real fantasy. The game is based on the girls with a combination of war and tactical style. Armor Blitz lets you see female characters who come from ie and are attached to military machines. When you enter the game you will experience the bloody sensation of war as well as the harshness and sharpness of the girls. The game promises an anime-style strategy game experience. Why aren't you downloading Armor Blitz now?

Initial structure

The world is now at war; Weapons destroyed during battle will be brought to the battlefield. When the action is completed, the spirits of the guns go to Valla, which is considered the sky of gun spirits. These spirits will enter the human-shaped armor store and live a peaceful life. But at that time that life was endangered by a demonic force called The Corruption, who planned to destroy Paradise Vallah. Once again, the weapons once fought on the battlefield are reborn as people who must fight for the peace of their homeland. You become the general of the army of young and beautiful women warriors. Be the ruler of these warriors against corruption. Together with your warriors go to the front to fight the enemy and destroy them.

The game

The gameplay of the game has a clear action strategy with the classic TCG mechanism. Players must fight in turn to win at every stage. Players need to calculate and plan strategies to manage the best moves. Before entering the game, the player selects a certain number of cards. Players click on each card to call the same type of characters. This game is definitely the right choice for those players who like to experience, get busy, and use most of their brains.


Armor Blitz has many very innovative and unique features that the manufacturer has added to the game.

Personal story

Each character card in the game has a story with it. The story is the story of this weapon. You can have fun as well as learn more about WWII war machines. Equipped in all anime styles, beautiful and attractive to the eyes of the players. Learning history is not so much fun. Players can upgrade character figures to make them stronger in battle. Prefers not only the primary index but also the special index. This will later form the basis of your relationship with women warriors.

Real-time battles - RTS

Players will use their female warriors to fight and destroy buildings and enemies. At the same time, you must protect your territory from invading enemies.

Battlefield control

Even though you play the role of a general, that doesn't mean you just lead your own warrior. You can use the cannon to shoot down enemy headquarters or call reinforcements to go into battle. This is very beneficial for the progress of the game; You have full control of the cannon to shoot anywhere.


The armor is designed in Flash 2D anime style but still mixed with some 3D elements in the combat interface. You’ll appreciate the beauty of the anime’s 2D girls who just immersed themselves in the match to experience everything.

Effects and sound

The character's combat effect is expanded to improve the experience for the characters. Everything went smoothly like watching a real anime. The soundtrack is also very lively and true and adapts to the action of each character. It is also designed to improve the integrity of the game for players. Do you want an army full of women fighters? Download the armor flash now to own the most powerful heroines. Realize the struggle against the exciting spirit that the game brings with it. You will not regret the experience that comes through the game.

  1. Player free summon
  2. Enemy can’t summon

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