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Fastone Games HK
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1.1.0 cho Android
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Thg3 14, 2021

Have you led the military in the game and spent a lot of time helping to win? If so, then you really had the best time, but no less complicated. This game gives you approachable gameplay that doesn't require a lot of control skills, but your strategy skills. To solve the problem that Arise can also happen, it is difficult to take your eyes off the game. At the same time, failure is inevitable in some cases. If you love strategy games and want to try your hand at them, Art War and Herr: Heroes can't be missed.

The graphics are simply simple

The game offers you a brilliantly crafted world and makes the player feel good first hand. Although the expansion of the game has not reached the right level, it still maintains a certain level of beauty and fully meets the needs of many other players. Also, in this game, many classes will appear before your eyes and you will take your power to win the match.

Players will look at this game from a third perspective, and that is a typical perspective of another strategy game. In particular, players can see their characters and their opponents in an automated game. Therefore, their only task is to make the right decisions to win the full screen. From this point of view, it helps to promote the whole for the player.

Take part in an interesting game

Art of War: Heroes gives you a tactical game that no player can ignore to organize the team before the game starts. Your yard will be a uniformly spaced yard, and you will give way to every hero you get and fight. This adjustment usually arises from the fact that you are watching the formation of the opponent and it is in the full sense that the player needs attention. This gives the game a chance to win.

Often when inspecting enemy lineups you have a habit of defending sharp losses and weak resisters. This is a strategy commonly used in turn-based games. Therefore, mastery in the characteristics of each character is also an essential element for proper performance. In addition, each character has its own characteristics.

During the fight, you will see a blank bar under the picture of the hero. This can be seen as an energy release bar and gradually increases depending on the character's attack. So, when it is done, you can use some skills. In fact, this is a factor that players need to consider when using it because in order to use it you will need to observe the position and structure around you.

Many levels for players

The Art of War: Heroes is owned by everyone at different levels that you have to master. The first level is also the tutorial section to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game. In the following steps, you need to find a way of development for your team. When you win a level you will receive a certain amount and improving the strength of your character will be beneficial for you.

It can be confirmed that players will face many different levels of difficulty over time. It comes from the strength of the enemy touching the sky. So you will try to update every character you find helpful. Also, as you gather a certain amount of content, you can increase the number of your team members to help you in each team.

Strong characters come to you

You will need some materials to be able to buy subpoints. Depending on your luck, you can call in many powerful heroes with different skills to add to your team. It is also a method that gradually more players want to collect a lot of different powerful characters.

The game will have a level system but there will be no levels to meet the needs of additional powers and no need to add new characters to the line-up. You have to spend some amount of gold to determine the level. Players need to collect money to spend a lot of time in contact with a solid character. At the same time, the lower it is, the higher the amount of upgraded money. So try to keep yourself a lot of stuff.

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