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Thg3 30, 2021

Frostborn is Kefir's next survival game. This time the publisher is referring to the game in the Viking era. You will be amazed to be in fantastic fairy tales with so many huge monsters and gods.

Mythology has long been a fascinating subject for many entertainment content creators. Previously, when Greek mythology was loved by many, images of deities such as Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades were used in full. At this time, people no longer like Greek mythology, but Nordic mythology. That's right !!! This was the age of the strong Vikings who worshiped Thor.

The image of these deities is completely different from the deities participating in the MCU. They are gods born out of legends. Thor, Odin, Hela, ... represent the natural forces that created this world, Hu. "Frostborn" is a new game that has just been released by Kefir! This publisher specializes in launching games with mythological content that millions of people love. Frostborn is becoming a name that promises to resonate in the mobile game market this year.

Wonderful world in the background of old Scandinavia

Frostborn works in the style of a standard RPG game made with elements that make you feel absolutely refined. First, playing with the story in the legends puts you in a world where people are still fighting each other with vulgar weapons. At that time, they always believed in gods and believed that they would have to fight monsters to survive. In addition, players will enjoy a variety of character classes and maximize their power. All the resources you have, it all depends on how you fight and try in the game. In addition, the challenge is inevitable in cooperative multiplayer modes.

Another feature that should be mentioned is the graphics. You will immediately be drawn to beautiful images of legends, where the creators were creative to bring out the most beautiful and creative images. The most depicted figure is from ancient Scandinavia, Ingard, where people live, also known as Earth. Green land with a lake and many species created by the gods on Asgard. Equally terrifying are the destroyed scenes of zombies emerging from Haley's world. They all blended together to create an epic scene produced by Hollywood.

Cooperative mode for up to 4 players

As a special role-playing game, "Frostborn" allows players to own a warrior with special missions. The story begins when corpses of corpses cannot enter Asgard but are convenient to go into the land of the living. They destroy everything and lead humanity to revelation. As a Viking warrior, you must be prepared to defend your country from such terrible forces. Gradually the gameplay will gradually train you with an iron will, effective attack techniques, and powerful tools. The MFI emulator controller is the most accessible means of getting used to the game.

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