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Thg6 21, 2021


Northgard – this is one of the attractive strategy games with content revolving around the Viking tribe. Actually, this game is based on a reasonably famous Norse mythology. Over hundreds of years of exploration, regardless of heaven and earth, the heroic Vikings discovered a mysterious and equally dangerous new land called Tonkin. If your first step into the game, you will feel a familiar feeling quite similar to Banished, a game set in the Middle Ages. And so far, this game is no less attractive than other titles of the same genre.


It can be said that the most daring Northmen have sailed to open up the adventure of discovery to conquer this mysterious new shore. If the trip goes smoothly, it will bring the Clan great fame and create a historical story through conquest, trade, and dedication to the gods. However, players will have to settle and build new bases for themselves on the coasts with different functions to destroy all other Viking tribes on the map. Moreover, it requires players to make themselves a new strategy and be fluent in all skills if they want to win.


Most of the game revolves around the journey of Rig and Viking’s best friend Brand on this remote continent. As mentioned above, this game gives players a harsh environment to test survival skills. In addition, Northgard also takes you on the task of managing your resources carefully and, of course, doing everything to overcome the harsh winter and surrounding enemies. Combine the genres of real-time strategy, management simulation as well as construction to survive on this land. The game presents a series of challenges with a harsh environment, and it is here that only the most potent Vikings can know how to work together to develop into a territory of their own.


Northgard allows players to experience moments with their friends in this game world. In fact, if only they could survive the terrible wolves and undead warriors roaming the land. The great idea is to make friends or defeat giants and survive the harshest winter on this land. Best of all, you can compete with your friends with different levels of difficulty and character. Enjoy dedicated servers together and climb the ranks to reach the ultimate Norse God rank in the game.


The great thing is that the game has been updated with many unique features. The game has provided additional tools for customizing units and building values, including offensive and defensive abilities. In addition, the game also has better Steam Work support for players to create, share and play online with other gamers through Steam. The remarkable thing here is, the game possesses attractive combat screens. As for the graphics, it is a combination of Clash of Clans and Warcraft 2. However, many scenes around the village it has stimulated the player’s passion for discovery. However, to complete the 11 campaign chapters, you must master the specifics of the first six clans and tame the wilderness.


The game has added the Map Editor tool to give players the best experience. It can be said that Map Editor is one of the most extensive updates of the game. This function allows you to customize the entire world of this land and edit the battlefields without limits. Besides, enrich the map with buildings, decorations, and AI. In addition, players can also decorate the map with rocks, grass, cliffs depending on the biome on the map. Not stopping there, the game is also designed with large maps like the map of the Age of Empire. It is clear that the empire in the game is only focused on the areas where the player settles. And players can change the perspective and use their soldiers to explore those lands.
The game, as mentioned above, characteristics are enough to prove the excellent quality of the game. So really a game that is worth everyone; people should experience it.

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