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Thg7 08, 2021

The RPG genre is considered to be one of the most exciting genres when it comes to providing endless travel to gamers to explore hundreds of items. Even more interesting is that there are hundreds of variations in RPG, one of which is called Rogolic. It is also considered an RPG genre where the player constantly fights monsters in dark and dangerous dungeons. And if you want to experience the villain style, join Order Fate Fa Fate Fate as an Order Flynn role-playing game where players can have endless fun anytime, anywhere. In addition, the game features eye-catching 2D graphics as well as an innovative style of things that are more accessible to the environment and players.

Play like a day with the final game

Rogue style is an endless style where players are constantly fighting monsters in different places. If the player fails along the way, he will return to his initial stage in one attempt and lose all devices and skills, but the player will retain his character traits. The amazing thing about this style is that every process is repeated but the maps, terrain, upgrades, weapons, and monsters have changed randomly. So every effort is a whole new journey where players can discover new powers, weapons, and upgrades, as well as new combos, made up of new enemies to fight. An application of Ruglik mechanisms in the game that has found the right gameplay in "Order Fate" and can entertain players at any time, without the Internet for a long time.

Can also move through colors and weapons

A characteristic of the rogue style is the variety of weapons and equipment, as well as the specific hierarchy of power. The world of "Order Fate Fa Fate Fate" is built mostly in dungeons, but they have a medieval fantasy style to give players a new experience. Because of this, weapons and devices were developed and designed in a medieval fantasy style, and most of these melee weapons were of various shapes and powers. On each attempt, players can go up to just two different weapons to create a combo, leaving hundreds of different weapons in the process. In addition, to create new customizations, players can upgrade and merge weapons on the road. Not only weapons but also armor and other equipment will be varied for players to collect and equip.

Obtain crafts from the owner

In addition to weapons and equipment, players can also collect powerful artifacts and permanently empower the player when equipped. They come in many different forms and uses, such as enhancing basic strength and defending against certain types of attacks. However, in order to collect pieces of these rare artifacts, the player must defeat the boss who is at the last level of the box. Depending on the biome, the shape and power of the boss vary. Players can also be given many challenges depending on the difficulty of the players. Artifacts can also be purchased if the player is lucky enough to meet them by the player.

Finally, charge the upgrade and development

All regular games introduce a permanent upgrade system where players can spend experience points gained by killing monsters. These improvements will make the character stronger, stiffer, and more agile over time, and the basic strengths will also change dramatically. These improvements will also be implemented on a permanent basis for subsequent efforts and players will also face tough enemies while traveling. The more points that are spent on upgrades, the more version upgrades players can unlock and upgrade.

Lucky Universe Reserve

In all role-playing games, there should be a character skill element to improve players, there should also be a large skills system. However, the game is different when players have to choose the most appropriate skill to advance to the next challenge. After players destroy monsters at each level, they are given three different options and subsequently applied permanently to the challenges. Skills increase character strength, e.g. B. Unlocking active or passive skills to fight strong monsters.

Order Fate is a naughty game whose world was created in a dark fantasy style so that players do not see any kind of beautiful, beautiful or peaceful things. The game simply has a monstrous battlefield, loads of weapons, hundreds of artifacts, and loads of challenges to keep players entertained. If you have never met a villain with the best experiences, go to "Order Fate Fa Fate Fate" where you will fight for survival in a dark dungeon.


1. Run faster
2. Life is endless
3. The amount of blue is endless
4. The damage is higher
5. Unfinished gold coins
6, the diamond flower is endless
7. Rare stones can’t be used up
8. The game speed exceeds the original 3 times

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