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Hi-Clay Games
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1.6.5 cho Android
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Thg6 26, 2021

Are you looking for an action-shooter RPG game with adorable characters? Then Pandaclip would be the right option to meet these conditions. Also, the game will design characters based on anime style. Little girls with beautiful looks and mischievous behavior will be the main character of this game and will bring fun moments for the players.

Pandaclip is a 2D-style RPG action game. The game world is influenced by a monster named Black Bear. And to fight with them, the players control a group of girls who have been specially trained to fight this monster. Although the gameplay is designed in 2D style, it has many surprises for the player to continue to play. These cute girls will also show a beautiful opponent and fall in love with the players at first sight. Each girl is trained to use a special weapon, which makes her roles more diverse and able to cope with many situations. It can be said that these girls suit the fighting style of some players. The guns that these girls use will be the most modern hot guns in our world. Players can change each girl's devices and improve the overall strength of the girls.

The game is still under development, but there are many interesting things available for players to entertain. In addition to fighting black bears, this cute girl game allows players to participate in some mini-games or some events. Players can also get some valuable items while enjoying these small events. Also, these girls will have different personalities and looks. Receiving gifts from players has an impact on players, especially on their personalities. The plot of this game is as simple and beautiful as the girls. Players can also interact with the girls and learn more about each person’s life and personality. Players will also see fun dialogues between the girls together. The game not only emphasizes the factor of battle with the Black Bear but also promises players very comfortable moments while enjoying the game.


  • Unlimited Gold
  • All Unlocked

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Unlimited Money/Unlocked
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