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Planner 5D
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1.26.18 cho Android
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Thg4 25, 2021
Making home heavy and chores is exactly the challenge people meet in the world. However, it is a chore. If you want to experience the true spirit of a beautiful home, Planner 5D - Home and Interior Design Maker is the right choice.

Both a game and a simulation application

First, employer 5D is a fun game, it is certain that the functions are made available, you can meet your needs. In their spare time, you just need a home to open your phone to start its creation. It's just a place to rest after a long time of all challenges, anything. You can make the best possible home-independent things possible, choose all to do. As a game, you can make the most creative homes call to question and use the built-in feature through their own photography.

In addition, it is also an ideal app for you at-home style. They use real numbers to buy users homes and then judges. To be able to plan everything possible to work nicely. Articles that should be used for size and price are optimized. Colours are also an important element to choose exactly what you need. A harmonious space, it will make people feel comfortable.

A variety of furniture and outdoor

5D planner gives users the ability to design for travel from their homes. That's why they have a lot of different things to offer. Especially if you can afford a small apartment in limited quantities, you can buy small lightweight and elegant furnishings. It will be your room and warm. On the contrary, it is a large building with a beautiful garden with external needs. Plants lawn green with beautiful character is a nice make-up that everyone wants.

A variety of models

Home design and really hard is the much needed high aesthetics. Therefore, if the design is complete, you can save these images for future use. In fact, this is a perfect place to store your dreams. Almost all were included in the manufacturers required by such use. However, there is a little advertisement for the widgets that you need to see, to unlock it. In fact, manufacturers must also make money.

Finally, the player can save your design images in 2D 3D 3 formats and virtual reality. In 2D, you can see your way home architects. This is the easiest way to save you pictures of your Dream House. Nice place to admire the work of 3D images. And lastly, if you save VR everything in the format is really a form of entertainment.

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Planner 5D (MOD, Unlocked All Items) Apk APK có sẵn trên ApkBoat, sau khi phát hành trên Thg4 25, 2021. Phiên bản hiện tại là 1.26.18.

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