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Moon Video Inc.
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1.38.0 cho Android
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Thg5 03, 2021

Without the presence and contribution of music, our lives become dull and inactive. Music has evolved over different periods and has become more diverse and pervasive than human expectations. However, not everyone has the opportunity to listen to all the music in the world. So, they need a music app that can put the whole world of music in the hands of the user. One such application is Resso which has a feature-rich and improved user interface with many attractive features that enhance the user's music listening experience. In addition, songs can be synced with music and users can create a song video with their favorite music.

Improved, fresh, and modern surface

Reso is a smart music player so it should have a completely redesigned user interface with many types to keep users happy. The app's user interface is flexible and fast, allowing users to access features or categories they need to swipe, tap, pinch, and more. The homepage is where you can suggest new, trending, and liked songs by users. Users also have a separate catalog with all the songs, their favorites, and playlists. Whatever the user needs, the UI of the application takes them immediately to where they need to meet all the needs of the user.

Online, free music experience

Reso is a music player that works in and outline and offline, designed to offer users a variety of songs. All the user has to do is find their song, then listen to it and enjoy it. The app provides users with the best listening experience with perfect sound quality that other music online music players do not have. Of course, musician, band, or genre, this app is ready to list them all with simple search terms. In addition, users can download their favorite songs without any restrictions. Full playlists and even an album of statues.

Syndicate song, song video maker

Reso is a music online music player that brings sound not only to users, but also song covers, songs, and more. For songs that come with a song, they are automatically displayed on the user interface while listening to music and sync to give users a new listening experience. If your songs don't have lyrics, add them to the song first, then share them all. The app provides users with a special editor that allows them to sync songs with music and create song videos with live backgrounds, photos, and more.

Gave your music

With its app personalization feature, Riso immediately captures the hearts of users for this feature and displays only the content they need. Users can now set their favorite categories, hide recommendations, and even design a custom UI that suits them. However, the application retains the required classes, e.g. B. Trends, hits and many other statistics to keep track of users. Of course, all post-personalization application recommendations are based solely on the history of the activity, as well as the user's respective category. Create a music app for you that users can personalize. This gives them a better user experience that other features cannot.

Share your favorites, create your music

In addition to being an online music app, Riso is also a place where people share personal feelings about their music and other songs. Any song that users like can give musicians the heart to express a personal opinion or comment on part of the song. In addition, the app introduces users to a feature that allows them to change their titles for the last time before sharing. Features include a voice processing system, sound balance, effects, and more to make you feel like a professional DJ.

Enjoy your radio, enjoy any music at any time

If users don't know what title to listen to or want a new style, they can try it out using the app's available radio stations. Each radio has its own characteristics and you will hear the style, genre as well as emotions that they bring to the listener. The app has many different radios for users to choose from and users can play all, shuffle, and playlists. The radio system brings new surprises, new songs, and lyrics to their songs for users anywhere, anywhere.

Riso is one of the most popular music players on the market right now and runs online so that new songs are constantly updated for users. If you are looking for something new, erotic, and even text, this app is the right option for you.

  • Login via Facebook Account / Phone number
  • Unlocked All Types Premium Features
  • No need for internet required: Offline Streaming
  • No need for internet required:Intennal storage mp3 Streaming
  • Removed watermark:When sharing lyrics
  • Support For Armeabi-v7a Only

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