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Luke Klinker
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Thg6 16, 2021
Twitter is the largest social networking platform in the world with millions of users worldwide. It was first launched in 2006 and has had personal success in the long run and continues to this day. The platform is not ready yet because the ads are still not completely removed and users can edit the application's themes. Is there a way to make these functions available to the user? Yes, users need to download TalTaln for Twitter to support the app. An app is a tool used in conjunction with Twitter to improve the user experience while using the app.

New interface for new experiences

Once you start using it, this app is just like Twitter. Users need to log in to their account in the app to work. If the user does not have an account, the application will help the user to register in the account. The app links the user to Twitter's account creation directory and provides users with the information they need to create an account. Once a user has an account to log in, they will immediately see the unique functionality of this application.

The remarkable thing is that this app has a new interface that users can use. This application is based on changes and is available to offer a whole new user experience. Users no longer need to look at the old standard Twitter interface. There are many new things for users to enjoy when you sign in to the app.

Freedom to change, freedom to enjoy

Another innovation in the user interfaces that this application gives users is the freedom to make changes and enjoy their achievements openly. If users in the original version see only one issue forever and have been familiar with it for a long time, now it is different. If there is a change, it is just a change in the composition of small details and color or anything else. However, this app has changed and allows users to change the theme of the app for a new experience.

The app offers color with many colors that users can choose from their themes. Two colors should be selected whenever the user changes. The user can choose from over 800 combinations. Users can choose the color red and white or whatever combination they want to replace the app with.

Pure experience, no advertising

The best feature of the app, which cannot be ignored, is the removal of ads for the original app. In the original version, users would see multiple ads from different accounts to advertise. However, in this app, users avoid these things completely and get a pure experience of the app. The app also has one of the best filters you can find to remove ads. Thanks to this feature and some other great features that give color to the app, it has managed to attract users.

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