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游戏, Puzzle
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Atari, Inc.
1.3.5485 对于Android
7月 03, 2020
The park is where we always go as a kid. It is a pleasure for each of us. Have you ever tried to have a huge park with all the different games? If you've ever dreamed of something like this, the RollerCoaster Tycoon Story game is for gamers only. When players come into the game, if they are a combination of Game 3 match and build, they will experience many great things. This will definitely give the players many great experiences.


In one country was an amusement park called England, the park became the legend of that country. There were many children in the park, but as the technology developed, the children were not interested in these things. Therefore, the park is getting worse and worse, as no one comes to this park anymore. You take on the role of the new manager of this company and the golden age of attracting customers is the task of repairing and restoring the park. But the task will not be easy, but surely the player will be able to do it and successfully bring the park back.

The game

The gameplay is simple, but the player has to do a lot of things to be able to do his job. This park was closed a long time ago because no one came to the park anymore. So everything becomes very vague. To make everything clear, players have to do many things. For starters, players will have to clean everything in their park to open the door again.

The actions of the players are indicated as actions and the players need a star ticket to perform them. But sometimes there are missions that take more stars to complete. To get these star tickets, it's very interesting for players to play a match-3 mini-game. However, the game has been changed to give players more interesting emotions. Unlike traditional games played by players, it is created as a train track. Players are free to change the position of the gems on this path instead of being restricted as before. But it is not possible to move the gem freely in the railway without the gem.

To blow a gem, players must move the gem in a straight or horizontal line containing three or more blocks. The other thing is that if the player can arrange in groups of 4 blocks, they will explode. But players blow a lot of gems to finish the game so the game can be completed. If the player does not do this, no points are awarded and the player loses unnecessary moves. Each time the player moves, the remaining number decreases. If the player does not want to lose, he should not behave indiscriminately.

MOD info?

1. Unlimited Coins
2. Unlimited Tickets
Un. Unlimited Life
* Increase when you spend

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